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October 2022
As a competitive Athlete in my mid 40s, who trains with elite level competitors in their 20's, it would be fair to say that I have my fair share of niggles and injuries. These injuries can and have been minor problems with knees, all they way up to major injuries to muscle or joints. It is also very common for an older athlete to have less obvious 'aches and pains' on a daily basis that can be resolved through focused MartialBody training. In this article I share how I go about heali...
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August 2022
I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of martial artists from different disciplines. In this article we are going to look at a certain subset of individuals, specifically those interested in the 'internal arts' or Aiki arts. There is much mystery, misconception and indeed ridicule surrounding these ‘internal’ systems and they are often linked to MartialBody training due to my personal training in them. So if you are not from these arts this article may not make much sense but it cou...
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November 2021
When training a body skill it is common to have the impression that we are building something that is somewhat unique, or special, something that we feel is powerful enough to make a difference.  This attitude can be seen in the multitudes of people studying martial arts skill that are wholly convinced of their unique supremacy. However,the reality is that all of these powers, body skills and methods that we hold so dear can become undone in an instant by those with an intelligent approach.
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August 2021
The subject of today’s article is focus, specifically how our focus impacts our ability to develop a process for achieving our desired body method development. The discussion of focus is the discussion of the feeling that underpins our mental and physical ability to stay on track, to not deviate from a path we have set and to stick things out. But all though I talk often about the development of the body, without an ability to focus, everything else is irrelevant.
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May 2021
​​​​​​​In a previous article we looked at the subject of passive and active power. These two types of power can be used to define the ways in which martial artists interact and are helpful when examining the context in which our body method is used. Here we will examine the subject of active power in more depth in order to understand how Active and Passive are essentially two parts of the same coin.
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August 2020
When we take a higher level view of the hundreds of practices that encompass the Martial Arts or Combat sports we see that, regardless of origin, cultural background or goal, they boil down to our ability to produce or deal with forces. Even largely solo training methods like Iaido are reliant on a refined understanding of forces in our body to produce smoothness and clarity in the methods. This higher level view of the Martial Arts, peeling away the layers of context from them, gives us an oppo...
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March 2020
Training is a constant search for effectiveness and results, it doesn’t matter whether we are a bodybuilder, a martial artist, a violinist or the purveyor of any other skill. When we train or practice, we are searching for some type of improvement and aiming for our method to be as efficient as possible.To maximise the effectiveness of our practice we must be aware of its effects. We could measure our progress via external means with our results in competition, our ability to defeat a trai...
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January 2020
‘We don’t do sport, sport is limited’ … ‘traditional arts are not realistic’ … ‘How would you use that flipping stuff in a street fight!?’ …. ‘Why would you want to fight on the ground’ …. “there are no rules in a street fight” … “ we train for self defence not to fight professionals”If you are a martial artist, the chances are that you have considered these positions, responded to th...
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October 2019
In this article I am going to explore one of my favorite joint and tissue rehabilitation techniques, one which can be used in addition to modern rehabilitation and physiotherapy techniques. This is a method that I have used for several serious joint and tissue injuries over the years and one which I always turn too first whenever an injury occurs.For many injuries, usually caused by hard sparring or competition, the time frame quoted for recovery has been cut in half as a result of this approach...
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