About MartialBody

Origins, background and development of the system

Developed through experience

The observation of Attributes

MartialBody grew out of Coach Chris Davis' many years of training in Martial Arts, Combat Sports and sports coaching. It is the culmination of a long journey, where meeting experts in various arts, methods and sports was commonplace and observing their similarities was the goal. 

The founder of the MartialBody Approach 

Coach Chris Davis

Coach Chris has been a martial artist since he was in early childhood and, now in his 40's, the arts have remained a constant daily companion since that time.  From the age of roughly 16 he was also been involved in Coaching multiple different sports, leaning how people learned and observing athletes develop their personal skills.

From his early years in Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Traditional Japanese & Chinese Martial arts to his current position as competition team coach for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling school, he has always strived to understand the concepts behind the methods, and the best way to pass them on.

Chris spent a huge amount of time diligently training in various martial arts, and one thing that was a constant was the need for personal, solo training. He soon realised it was vital.

The search & discoveries 

Formulating the viewpoint

Chris trained extensively in the Chinese Internal Arts and Traditional Japanese Martial Arts. These arts place a heavy emphasis on developing specific body skills and this is the idea that Chris used to begin to assess and discover the similarities between the great exponents he would meet.  

Chris travelled to meet superlative Martial Artists and Athletes from very corner of the Martial Arts, from rostered UFC fighters, to BJJ world Champions, Judo Internationals, Tai Chi Masters, Silat experts, you name it, Chris likely met and experienced their skills.

This was done with the express purpose to understand what lay behind their amazing and seemingly unique skills.

Creating the approach

MartialBody is born

This experience of meeting and training with many extremely high caliber exponents, and a massive amount of personal training and deep study, helped Chris to zone in on why he believed the experts from these various styles felt as they did. What was it that gave all of these masters similarity in the way they felt ... attributes. 

This is where Chris' ideas began to form and become cohesive.

"If, outside of technical considerations, we were to develop a set of attributes, we will feel 'different' regardless of what style or method those attributes are focused through!"

And so the quest was on to create a training system and methodology, fully focused on the acquisition of the attributes.

Nothing off limits

Everything is on the table.

From this attribute focus, the MartialBody system was born. The system avoids tradition, origin or background in its approach and nothing is left off the table.

If a modern and known training method aids the goal, then it is used. If an ancient Qi Gong technique aids the goal, then it is used. The focus is on the Attributes, and any technique that will create them is available to us. 

Although we have set basic training techniques, at the later stages, MartialBody is simply a framework from which to approach training methods. Any method can be seen through the eyes of the MartialBody concept. This frees us up to play, enjoy and experiment with our own development.

Justin Hutchinson
Justin Hutchinson-New Ways to Hone and Improve Heaviness

As a larger guy, I thought I had the whole concept of "heaviness" down; but Heavybody has shown me new ways of applying heaviness and improving the usage of heaviness. I can see this being very useful to practitioners of any weight or size.

Joseph Lawrence
Joseph Lawrence-A truly insightful and groundbreaking course

MartialBody Training has made crystal clear and practical, many body skills and attributes that I previously could only get murky and often mysterious explanations for. I thoroughly recommend for literally any martial artist, or anyone interested in developing interesting, intelligent, whole body strength!

Jaime Girona
Jaime Girona-The best MB course so far

I can say that these are the best explanations I have ever seen online. Every sincere martial artist should investigate MartialBody. No matter if you follow the training or just enjoy the explanations, your martial "eye" would never be the same after knowing the potential of the spirals

MartialBody training is a systematic approach to developing specific attributes that are useful to the Martial Artist of any style or background.

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