The Six Attributes

In the MartialBody Method we train to develop 6 distinct, but interrelated, attributes

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Layering our bodies abilities

Powerful alone, unstoppable together

Each of the attributes of the MartialBody (called Bodies) are powerful and complete systems in their own right. An exponent could specialise in one of the 6 and have great success. But when layered together, into a cohesive system, the true 'Martial Body' is formed and the exponent develops highly refined and developed body menthod.

Heavy Body

Heaviness is the subjective way in which an opponent may perceive you when in an encounter. It could be that you seem to weigh more than your stature, that your strikes land with incredible weight behind them or that you simply are unmovable.  The HeavyBody trains us to display these characteristics through targeted and deliberate release of tension in the body. 

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Stable Body

Stability is our ability to remain dynamically 'aligned' to the direction of our forces and the requirements of our posture.  When stable, it is hard for the opponent to distort us, or manipulate our structure to their objective. StableBody training helps us to rewire our body map so that we are intimately aware of the position of our spine, our limbs and our joints. 

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Connected Body

Connection is the association and joint action of the tissues of the body, so that we move as a singular harmonious unit. If there is any section in MartialBody training that creates 'strength' this is it, but it is not the traditional form of strength. This is a strength that comes from whole body power, with every muscle, sinew and tissue working in harmony. 

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Elastic Body

Agility, speed and directional change are the results of the ElasticBody. It cannot be denied that these attributes are of great importance in many martial arts and combat sports. To develop agility or speed, our bodies must have a certain springiness in their tissues, and so we train the ElasticBody to achieve this goal.

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Spiral Body

Complex, spiral movement, made natural through prolonged training makes our structure illusive, our movements powerful, and our direction unreadable. SpiralBody trains this attribute through a targeted and deliberate progression towards complexity, from 'pointed' to linear, from linear to circular then from circular to spiralling. 

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Fluid Body

Fluidity in our Martial Art is, somewhat paradoxically, not primarily related to our bodies.  Instead, fluidity is the result of our mind, and the mental freedom to act in accordance with the ever changing conditions. The FluidBody helps us to train our mind, body and breath so as to become aware and sensitive to what is happening right now. Fluidity results from the development of this mental freedom. 

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Justin Hutchinson
Justin Hutchinson-New Ways to Hone and Improve Heaviness

As a larger guy, I thought I had the whole concept of "heaviness" down; but Heavybody has shown me new ways of applying heaviness and improving the usage of heaviness. I can see this being very useful to practitioners of any weight or size.

Joseph Lawrence
Joseph Lawrence-A truly insightful and groundbreaking course

MartialBody Training has made crystal clear and practical, many body skills and attributes that I previously could only get murky and often mysterious explanations for. I thoroughly recommend for literally any martial artist, or anyone interested in developing interesting, intelligent, whole body strength!

Jaime Girona
Jaime Girona-The best MB course so far

I can say that these are the best explanations I have ever seen online. Every sincere martial artist should investigate MartialBody. No matter if you follow the training or just enjoy the explanations, your martial "eye" would never be the same after knowing the potential of the spirals

MartialBody training is a systematic approach to developing specific attributes that are useful to the Martial Artist of any style or background.

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