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A truly insightful and groundbreaking course

This is by far the most practical and systematic set of instructions and training methods for attaining internal strength, and many of the other qualities that experienced martial artists have, especially those who have trained in the so called 'internal' martial arts. The exercises and methodology is very clear and well structured. It has made crystal clear and practical, many body skills and attributes that I previously could only get murky and often mysterious explanations for. I thoroughly recommend for literally any martial artist, or anyone interested in developing interesting, intelligent, whole body strength!

Joseph Lawrence

Practical guidelines for a better connected and stronger body

This course is full of exercises that will help you to understand the term "Connection". You will learn how use your whole body as a (strong but flexible) unit. Some of the stuff is physically easy to do others is very demanding but never the less you will get a connected body with a strong structure.

Bjoern Friedrich

The heavy body training program is an excellent program. It has a great range of exercises for both relaxing the body and using the relaxed body with gravity to accentuate the feeling of heaviness.

Having seen some of these exercises before and done similar intended programs, this is the most well thought out program and practice of putting it all together as separate exercises, combinations for longer training sessions or shorter warm-ups/cool-downs plus with the essential partner exercises to help realistically judge your own personal progress. Put together with detailed explanations and on-going sane and to the point commentary, this is just what you need to get started on or complement your MA journey. Don't waste time looking around. Get started now! Cannot rate this highly enough!

Warren Muller

This course has been so useful in deepening my understanding of the centre and how it can be activated and utilised to enhance my training.

 As always coach Chris displays a real talent for conveying quite complicated but really core principles of optimum body mechanics. My training has felt significantly different and fuller as these clear and concise exercises have undoubtedly contributed to putting these principles and increased centre awareness into regular practice.

Ben wood

As a larger guy, I thought I had the whole concept of "heaviness" down; but phase 2 of Heavybody has shown me new ways of applying heaviness and improving the usage of heaviness.

I can see this being very useful to practitioners of any weight or size.

Justin Hutchinson

This can raise the level of your performance!

This training should greatly improve the body's fascia, and level of proprioception. Everything is explained by Chris in clear and concise terms, and in nice, bite-sized chunks, which of course can be replayed whenever you like. The beauty of this module is that the training will undoubtedly improve ability in any sport that you care to mention.

Jake Nelson

This short but sweet course is the most practical guide I've ever seen to the workings of the often-mysterious area of the body known in some martial arts as the dantien or tanden.

No cryptic poetry to decipher, just practical exercises which cultivate the body's tissues directly. Highly recommended.

Matt Harvey

My old aikido sensei used to talk about moving everything from the centre - but that was the only explanation.

I never really got it and certainly couldn't do it. The structured and methodical approach that Chris uses means you get to develop these attributes correctly from a much earlier stage, because they are built up step by step. I'm already feeling my judo improve.

Andrew Laing

Developing a hara/dantian will not longer be seen as a mystery

Amazing Toolkit course! The centre development is something usually fogged by a ton of cryptic vocabulary, often to conceal teacher's ignorance about the subject! Chris goes straight to the point. Very clear introductory work that everyone should try.

Jaime Girona

Focused, accurate effective planning. Worth any minute I spent on it, and much more than it's price.

The way the Keiko Plans course is structured is, to me, the perfect synthesis of the training courses I’ve been able to explore so far. After seeing how compact yet how well thought each training plan is, and how it summarizes each attribute in a few sessions – which by the way, are able to make you focus on the single exercises - many of which will be a staple of each sesson, so that you can develop the attribute by repetition and consolidation – yet keep you “entertained” by including different exercises for each session so that you can find new stimuli between one session and the next one.

Vic Sum

60 Day Beginners Program

Great introduction to understanding what Martial Body was all about. Very clear instruction and progression with the eventual option to create one' s own schedule based on foundational techniques.

 Looking forward to studying more!

Jay Beito

Excellent explanation of the cross connections between legs and hands

Excellent explanation of the cross connections between legs and hands, involving front and back of the body. Following Chris is very easy to go deeper into extension and provides very useful tips to correctly set up the posture.

Aquilino Heras

I did same chi gong in the past, now i am 60 YO and for the first time I understand the basic of the exercise in chi gong. I always have think other about.

Tiziano Alberti

Very well thought out and systematic presentation. It really helped to integrate my structure and connection with my spiraling.

My body now feels unified almost as if it's one big muscle. It's a great feeling and has added to my strength and stability significantly.

Carl Pek

A real jewel for body conditioning

Excellent introduction to a hard and painful conditioning method that can be a real game changer. The body cross creates amazing strength in the body!

Jaime Girona

Found it!!!

I have been searching for this type of information. I am loving the concepts clearly presented

Rebecca Maldonado

Great course with clear and practical exercises and drills

Together with the "Connection" Course this is my favorite martialbody course. There are tons of exercsies with clear and precise explainations. Also a lot of theory about how this stuff is working and why you should do it. I would suggest this course for anyone who wants to become quicker and more agile regardless what kind of martial arts or sport he is doing.

Bjoern Friedrich

Simple but extensive.

Just the right level with loads of exercises to hold and expand awareness with the power of breath and to restart the foundation journey from another perspective. Applying to one's MA will take you to a whole new level! Another awesome piece to the MB puzzle.

Warren Muller

MartialBody training is a systematic approach to developing specific attributes that are useful to the Martial Artist of any style or background.

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