Attribute Training
for the martial

A system to reliably create the qualities found in the elite Martial Artists.
Heaviness - Stability - Connection - Agility - Complexity - Fluidity

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The 6 key attributes of the Martial Body

MartialBody is a series of supplementary training methods for martial artists, competitors or combat sport athletes. The aim of this system of training
is to create 'Attributes' that are useful and relevant to everyone, no matter what the style, tradition or background..

  • HeavyBody

    The HeavyBody is the practitioners ability to efficiently use their mass, both in combative exchange and to heal injuries. The HeavyBody Attribute is closely linked with the qualities of softness, release and connection with the force of gravity.

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  • StableBody

    The StableBody is the practitioners ability to maintain optimal alignments and dynamic stability. The StableBody Attribute is closely linked with the qualities of alignment, harmony, connection and proprioception

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  • ConnectedBody

    The ConnectedBody is the practitioners ability to link distal parts of the body so as to use 'whole body' power in the major planes of motion. The ConnectedBody Attribute is closely linked with isometrics, stretching, tensioning, linking and extension.

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  • ElasticBody

    The ElasticBody is the practitioners ability to use their natural elasticity and a strong nervous system to produce speed and agility. The ElasticBody Attribute is closely linked with rebound forces, stretch shortening cycle, elastic recoil and action/reaction.

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  • SpiralBody

    The SpiralBody is the practitioners ability to move with deliberate complexity. The SpiralBody Attribute is closely linked with Pairing, Rising and falling, Lines, Circle, Spirals, joint rotation and twisting.

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  • FluidBody

    The FluidBody is the practitioners ability to flow with the every changing conditions of the situation. The FluidBody attribute is closely linked with 'Mind', awareness, flow state, breathing and strength of intent in action.

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    • “Firstly, this stuff is WAY harder to do than it looks! But the payoffs are big. I have trained in the Heavy & Stable body modules and could immediately see and feel why they are relevant to me as an MMA athlete. My wrestling and take down defence has shot up and my hands are heavier than ever!”
    • "Coach always seemed to make the method specific to the individual he was coaching, even in the crowded room which was so refreshing. Coming from a Wing Chun Background, my requirement is different to that of the BJJ guys in attendance and this was skillfully handled meaning that every exercise was still extremely relevant to me. Great system, awesome coach.”
    • "Training with Coach in his BJJ classes I was always struck with his structure and weight. Now I know why! In one session I got a taste of how he is able to exert so much pressure for his size. HeavyBody work is a clear advantage for anyone into grappling, for throw defense and top pressure it really makes a difference. Definitely worth a look a this no nonsense work.”
    • "One month into some specific exercises from MartialBody and my niggling shoulder pains are gone. Simply exercisese that produce amazing results, Coach Chris specified a routine for me to follow, explained the science behind the methods and then it was down to me to train it. What a difference 30 days made, I literally feel like a different person, thank you coach.”


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