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training system to develop attributes for the Martial Arts

Focused on the production of Attributes

What is the MartialBody Method?

The MartialBody method is a training system designed to create a series of attributes that can be seen or felt in the elite martial artists of the world. It is not a S&C program, a cardio training regime or a flexibility course. Instead, we focus on building a set of attributes that are generally very hard to train in your average gym setting. Attributes like 'Heaviness' or 'Movement complexity'.  

The 6 Primary Attributes of MartialBody Training


Releasing tension to activate efficient use of our body mass.


Linking the entire body through associations and development of tissues


Developing complex movement through progression towards spiralling


Harmonising our body through training our proprioception & body map


Creating elasticity in our tissues to develop speed & agility


Fluidity through freedom of mind to create fluidity and flow

The road less travelled 

A different approach

How do you train to feel heavy? How about to feel connected? These things are not normally focused on in a standard strength and conditioning plan.

MartialBody elevates these attributes to be the primary focus of  training and any methods that lead us towards these goals are included. It is not a dogmatic approach, it is a framework for a focusing on the development of attributes useful in the martial arts. Hundreds of martial artists from every style imaginable are using MartialBody techniques to enhance their training.

Justin Hutchinson
Justin Hutchinson-New Ways to Hone and Improve Heaviness

As a larger guy, I thought I had the whole concept of "heaviness" down; but Heavybody has shown me new ways of applying heaviness and improving the usage of heaviness. I can see this being very useful to practitioners of any weight or size.

Joseph Lawrence
Joseph Lawrence-A truly insightful and groundbreaking course

MartialBody Training has made crystal clear and practical, many body skills and attributes that I previously could only get murky and often mysterious explanations for. I thoroughly recommend for literally any martial artist, or anyone interested in developing interesting, intelligent, whole body strength!

Jaime Girona
Jaime Girona-The best MB course so far

I can say that these are the best explanations I have ever seen online. Every sincere martial artist should investigate MartialBody. No matter if you follow the training or just enjoy the explanations, your martial "eye" would never be the same after knowing the potential of the spirals

MartialBody training is a systematic approach to developing specific attributes that are useful to the Martial Artist of any style or background.

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