The MartialBody Process

MartialBody training follows a specific and deliberate process.

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Building the MartialBody

Progressive & cyclical training

Far from a bunch of techniques thrown together, the MartialBody approach follows a specific sequence. We are aiming for our attributes to build on the training before, sequentially developing the MartialBody one layer at a time.

Developing the 6 attributes progressively

Each attribute leads on from the next in a cycle of development

MartialBody follows a cycle of training which moves us through each of the bodies sequentially until we return back to the first. Each cycle adds more depth in the process and creates more advanced understanding of each attributes. The system adheres to the following order of training. .

      • HeavyBody - Removing unwanted or unconscious tensions
      • StableBody - Removing misalignment and disharmony
      • ConnectedBody - Developing whole body connected power
      • ElasticBody - Developing elasticity and neurological speed
      • SpiralBody - Moving with Complexity
      • FluidBody - Moving with change, freedom and awareness 

The 3 phases of training

Remove / develop / apply

The 6 bodies can then be grouped by their common purpose int 3 distinct phases of training.

Phase 1 : In this phase the goal is focused on correcting or removing 'error' from our body. We train to remove unwanted tension and misalignments 

Phase 2: Here we begin to develop the body, now that we have good alignment and are not carrying bound tension. 

Phase 3: Now that we are relaxed and aligned, and have developed our tissues and neurology, we can begin to apply this new found body skill to movement.

Each attribute relies on the last

The sequence of training is designed so that each attribute is dependant on the previous. It would be very hard to align ourselves if we are tense and hunched through systemic tightness of the muscles, and so HeavyBody comes before Stable. It would similarly be a bad idea to develop out tissues over a misaligned or poor posture, compounding our postural flaws, and so Stable comes before Connected. Then to make the tissue lines elastic we must first understand their depth and impact across the body, so Connected comes before elastic. To move well, with depth and control, we must have built our body to be able to move in accordance with heaviness, stability, connection and agility, and so SpiralBody comes after all of this development work. Finally, to release all of this body skill at the right and opportune time, we must free ourselves into the moment, and so FluidBody comes last. 

However, the next step is to return to repeat the entire cycle again. When we come back to the beginning with all that new experience, we find new tensions to release, new tissues to link and new movements to find. The process never ends. 

It is not enough just to understand

A focus on training

It is not enough to just understand the theory behind something, too often this is the approach of the individual seeking more. We must embody and embrace the training such that it becomes a part of our lives. 

MartialBody doesn't benefit from the obvious advantages of progression in other forms of developmental training, bigger muscles, a bigger gas tank etc. Your progression will most often manifest in the comments of your training partners; "Wow you are starting to feel alot stronger" or "Your much harder to move at the moment". These little comments are what we search for in the MartialBody system. They point towards our training being correct and our attributes developing. 

The other place that your training progression will show up is in your health and wellbeing. Less tension, more efficient use of your body, movement play and mind training have proven positive benefits for the practitioner. Students consistently report how much more healthy they feel from this work.

Justin Hutchinson
Justin Hutchinson-New Ways to Hone and Improve Heaviness

As a larger guy, I thought I had the whole concept of "heaviness" down; but Heavybody has shown me new ways of applying heaviness and improving the usage of heaviness. I can see this being very useful to practitioners of any weight or size.

Joseph Lawrence
Joseph Lawrence-A truly insightful and groundbreaking course

MartialBody Training has made crystal clear and practical, many body skills and attributes that I previously could only get murky and often mysterious explanations for. I thoroughly recommend for literally any martial artist, or anyone interested in developing interesting, intelligent, whole body strength!

Jaime Girona
Jaime Girona-The best MB course so far

I can say that these are the best explanations I have ever seen online. Every sincere martial artist should investigate MartialBody. No matter if you follow the training or just enjoy the explanations, your martial "eye" would never be the same after knowing the potential of the spirals

MartialBody training is a systematic approach to developing specific attributes that are useful to the Martial Artist of any style or background.

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