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MartialBody Case Study 01

Name : Riantsoa Tsu Rasolonjatovo

Describe a little of your martial background or related practices.

Martial artist and practicioner for 20+ years, I started my martial journey with Yoseikan Budo, a Japanese « mixed » martial arts, when I was 15 years old. As I grew older, I felt that I was training more for competition than for efficiency. Therefore, I started looking for a more « traditional » martial art. By chance, I was lucky enough to find a 8th dan Aikido shihan in my city and I have been following his teachings for 10+ years. Along my martial journey, I got to train sporadically in Iaido, Jodo, Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Chun and Chinese Medicine. I found that each of these arts taught me different ways to handle my body and enriched my Aikido, with more practicality and versatility. Now, about 6 months ago, I started to explore the curriculum offered by The MartialBody.

Describe some of your current training goals and objectives.

Currently, my main objective is to develop a body, mind and spirit able to manifest the principles of « Aiki » in all martial and non-martial situations. Like many of us, I got drawned into martial arts for self defence first, then found interest in the spirit and philosophy of the arts, and finally realized the broader-than-life interconnections in most aspects of my life. Recently, I am investing more time in solo training to manifest this objective. Ultimately, my goal is to understand that « one » over-arching principle that connects traditional martial arts, to find the cornerstone that binds martial principles together.

Describe which of the MartialBody modules you have dedicated some time to training and why you selected them.

While I purchased all the MartialBody modules, I have dedicated time on the « Connected » body module so far, and just started the « Elastic » body module. Once complete, my intent is to get on the « Spiral » body module. My training plan is to build on an existing relatively « stable » and « heavy » body already, and develop skills of elasticity, connectedness and holistic movement. While I was tempted to only follow these missing skills, I am a firm believer that a system needs to be learned, or at least studied, as a whole to make sense. It has been very inspiring so far.

Describe some of the benefits / developments / differences you have noticed from training MartialBody

Since I started training with MartialBody system, I was able to feel what Coach Chris describes in his tutorials. The sense of connectedness and elasticity are now very tangible notions that I am able to replicate in solo training. And unconsciously, the solo training is transferring to my training with partners. For example, thanks to the « connected » body module, I am able to exploit the « anatomy trains » for my own movement (do more with less, with full-body motion) and for controlling my sparring partners (access their center of mass through their limbs). Another example with the « elastic » body module is my better ability to join breathing with the stretch-shortening cycle principle when welcoming an attack. In other words, it has helped me grow towards the manifestation of an Aiki-body, all this thanks to apparently-simple conditioning drills.

Describe how MartialBody training has complimented your Primary Martial Arts training or related practices

The MartialBody system is information-dense and well-researched. For the trained and aware practitioner, it is a gold mine hidden under several layers of learnings. Indeed, like Bruce Lee said, there is no reason to believe in styles in martial arts, as ultimately we all fight with two arms and two legs. What matters is efficiency and training the body to be efficient is, I believe, the most important achievement of the MartialBody training program. Having said that, being simple and efficient with such a complex and articulated tool (the body) is a challenge. The MartialBody has shown me a valuable and inspiring path to take this challenge.

Any other comments you would like to add.

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and teachings. The martial community is better for it and my only hope is to see this community grow in quality, or I should say attributes.

A big thank you to Riantsoa Tsu Rasolonjatovo For sharing their story with us.

Keep up the great work and very happy training!

Coach Chris


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