'The ElasticBody'

Using natural elasticity to create speed and agility

Speed, power and rapid direction changes can be the difference between winning or losing in martial exchange. In the ElasticBody Module, we focus on the real champions of power and speed, the connective tissues, the fast twitch fibres & the associated neurology.


About the ElasticBody

Speed starts in the mind and in the nerves. To be fast your nervous system needs to tell your body to act in a specific way and flicking this switch is the first step in the ElasticBody training. We use techniques to train action and reaction cycles alongside elastic tissue development so that the body will natural 'pop' when its needed.  This work changes the tissues of the connected structure so that they have high volumes of rebound and elastic potential.

The ElasticBody is achieved when the practitioner has developed their nervous system and tissue such that it is able to fire rapidly and utilize their tissues natural elasticity. The ElasticBody Attribute is closely linked with rebound forces, stretch shortening cycle, elastic recoil and action and reaction response.

When the body maintains a natural elasticity is it better prepared to deal with the large forces that can be generated during martial exchange. Elastic body training has a ‘protective’ function because joints become wrapped by strong but flexible tissues. When a hard strike misses its target or a joint lock is applied the elasticity helps to absorb some of the forces that would usually damage the joint. ElasticBody training will also help someone to rehabilitate injured tissue towards the end of their recovery phase, restoring the power and recoil and allowing them to function properly once more.

Every striker wants that ‘pop’ in their hits, and to be able to take advantage of openings when they occur. ElasticBody training will give you the snap in your strikes that only comes from elastic structures being used efficiently. Moreover, it will give you the agility to rapidly change direction and apply complex footwork to the martial exchange. To the grappler the ability to go from slow steady pressure, to explosive motion is a great advantage. The instant acceleration found in the 'ElasticBody' will help you to achieve this. Learn to fire when you need too, and explode in every movement.

Elastic body training utilizes ‘recoil’ and ‘rebounding’ to put a stretch into the muscle/fascia unit that then snaps back to its original position. Over time this consistent work will put a type of strong elasticity into the tissues. Additionally we train the action reaction cycle with innovative movement games that force the practitioners to move quickly ans solve problems on the fly.


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  • “Firstly, this stuff is WAY harder to do than it looks! But the payoffs are big. I have trained in the Heavy & Stable body modules and could immediately see and feel why they are relevant to me as an MMA athlete. My wrestling and take down defence has shot up and my hands are heavier than ever!”
  • "Coach always seemed to make the method specific to the individual he was coaching, even in the crowded room which was so refreshing. Coming from a Wing Chun Background, my requirement is different to that of the BJJ guys in attendance and this was skillfully handled meaning that every exercise was still extremely relevant to me. Great system, awesome coach.”
  • "Training with Coach in his BJJ classes I was always struck with his structure and weight. Now I know why! In one session I got a taste of how he is able to exert so much pressure for his size. HeavyBody work is a clear advantage for anyone into grappling, for throw defense and top pressure it really makes a difference. Definitely worth a look a this no nonsense work.”
  • "One month into some specific exercises from MartialBody and my niggling shoulder pains are gone. Simply exercisese that produce amazing results, Coach Chris specified a routine for me to follow, explained the science behind the methods and then it was down to me to train it. What a difference 30 days made, I literally feel like a different person, thank you coach.”