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Really well explained and a great start to proper movement

My old aikido sensei used to talk about moving everything from the centre - but that was the only explanation. I never really got it and certainly couldn't do it. The structured and methodical approach that Chris uses means you get to develop these attributes correctly from a much earlier stage, because they are built up step by step. I'm already feeling my judo improve.

Andrew LaingCourse review for Developing the working centre

Great Foundations Course

It is very rare to find an online body training course where the coach gives detailed instructions that are, at the same time, short and clear enough so that people can achieve results without face time with a good instructor. MartialBody's HeavyBody - Foundations easily accomplishes that. It is a great intro into how softness and gravity create power. It's a good fit for martial artists, but also for anyone who just wants to learn how to move well, in a relaxed manner and without excess tension.

Marko VojnovicCourse review for HeavyBody Foundations centre

Developing a hara/dantian will not longer be seen as a mystery

Amazing Toolkit course! The centre development is something usually fogged by a ton of cryptic vocabulary, often to conceal teacher's ignorance about the subject! Chris goes straight to the point. Very clear introductory work that everyone should try

jaime gironaCourse review for Developing the working centre

Personal Training Review

Training on the internal methods has given to me many joys but also moments of deep frustration and solitude. I burned myself out following too ambitious schedules and then stopping training for weeks. Chris helps me to reflect deeper about my goals and to set up realistic plans to achieve them, gives me individualized variations of the exercises to pinpoint my issues, and foremost, he supports me on my troubled moments, helping me to turn them into bursts of inspiration.
Thanks, Coach

Juan Luis Duran BenjumedaCourse review for MartialBody - Personal Training

A truly insightful and groundbreaking course

 This is by far the most practical and systematic set of instructions and training methods for attaining internal strength, and many of the other qualities that experienced martial artists have, especially those who have trained in the so called 'internal' martial arts. The exercises and methodology is very clear and well structured. It has made crystal clear and practical, many body skills and attributes that I previously could only get murky and often mysterious explanations for. I thoroughly recommend for literally any martial artist, or anyone interested in developing interesting, intelligent, whole body strength!

Joseph LawrenceCourse review for SpiralBody - Foundations

Possibly My Favorite Course

I've been working on my posture for a while, this course helped tie it together to my martial arts and I've already seen improvements in my body mechanics and body awareness while training.

Justin HutchinsonCourse review for ConnectedBody Foundations centre

Winding Cross - Pure Gold

Very well thought out and systematic presentation. It really helped to integrate my structure and connection with my spiraling. My body now feels unified almost as if it's one big muscle. It's a great feeling and has added to my strength and stability significantly.

Carl PeckCourse review MB Toolkit - Body Cross Training

Really improves your understanding of the body methods

Really nice ideas from Chris. It's not bodybuilding nor weightlifting, but gives you great hints about using objects to enhance your body attributes. The use of small weights is something that you can find in many classical martial traditions but often lacks proper explanations. Chris did a great job! Great toolkit course

Jaime GironaCourse review for MB Toolkit - Using Tools & Objects

Practical guidelines for a better connected and stronger body

This course is full of exercises that will help you to understand the term "Connection". You will learn how use your whole body as a (strong but flexible) unit. Some of the stuff is physically easy to do others is very demanding but never the less you will get a connected body with a strong structure.

Bjoern FriedrichCourse review for ConnectedBody Foundations centre

Fine attribute training without the woo

I'm only partway through this one, but it is already clearly another fine work by Chris; highly recommended, as always.

james gilbertCourse review for ElasticBody Foundations centre

Online Martial Training

In the personal training service, Coach Chris creates a personalized schedule for you based on which martialbody courses you currently own, your current activity level and weekly schedule. I think the system is a great proof of concept for online training, given the user has existing martial or body movement background, as well as the drive/commitment to follow the schedule he provides (as one might expect for any online training) . As for the "MartalBody - Personal Training" course itself, it definitely helps me understand how to combine multiple attributes from the system into a single "workout" by providing a progressive order and lengths of time to practice each of these exercises. This is vital to me, as I wish to integrate these concepts not only into my own training, but into my teaching as well. While this is praise for the system as a whole, as well as the personal training, I can definitily say that myself and others have noticed marked improvements in the performance of my own martial arts training after two months of daily dedicated martialbody practice.

Justin HutchinsonCourse review for MartialBody - Personal Training

A real jewel for body conditioning

Excellent introduction to a hard and painful conditioning method that can be a real game changer. The body cross creates amazing strenght in the body!

Jaime GironaCourse review for MB Toolkit - Body Cross Training

“It was rarely the techniques that impressed me when I met the Elite Martial Artists of various styles. It wasn't what they did ... it was how they did it! It was they 'felt' ... their highly developed  power, accuracy, subtly. When I realised this, I knew my training had to be focused on those things, not just techniques. "

Coach Chris Davis - MartialBody Founder