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August 2019
Embedding body methods

Embedding body methods

An integral part of body method training, regardless of origin or source is the process of ‘embedding’. Even if we look at modern strength training methods, there is a period of training where embedding the correct technique occurs prior to the increase in load. But this idea is never truer than when looking at attribute training like that found in MartialBody. Without this idea at play in every training session, it would become easy to be disheartened or worse still, not actually develop anyt...
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“It was rarely the techniques that impressed me when I met the Elite Martial Artists of various styles. It wasn't what they did ... it was how they did it! It was they 'felt' ... their highly developed  power, accuracy, subtly. When I realised this, I knew my training had to be focused on those things, not just techniques. "

Coach Chris Davis - MartialBody Founder