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March 2019
One Part Moves - All parts Move

One Part Moves - All parts Move

Much of the early training in the martialbody method is designed to create efficiency, economy and power when interacting with a partner. There are many names in the traditional arts for this sort of body development, but a common and understandable term could be ‘Whole Body Power’. This is a phrase used in many martial arts to mean that every movement, no matter how small, is backed up by the entire body. In this article I will delve into a few of the ideas behind ‘Whole Body Power’ and how...
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“It was rarely the techniques that impressed me when I met the Elite Martial Artists of various styles. It wasn't what they did ... it was how they did it! It was they 'felt' ... their highly developed  power, accuracy, subtly. When I realised this, I knew my training had to be focused on those things, not just techniques. "

Coach Chris Davis - MartialBody Founder