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May 2018
Strength Training & MartialBodyThis short article is motivated by a discussion with a student who was asking how and where more conventional Strength and Conditioning training fits into attribute focused training methodology. It would be easy to think, looking at the MartialBody Attribute list that it doesn’t, however this is not the case. In this post I will outline where I think Conditioning and Strength Training fits in, and how it is not the only consideration when specifically loo...
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In some Chinese Martial Arts there is a concept known as ‘double weighting’. Some people use this term to describe the distribution of weight in the legs and how to efficiently control the position of our mass. However, there is another very interesting definition, it describes the situation where you make the opponent responsible for a proportion of your weight in addition to their own, often causing a bias of distribution and ‘doubling weighting’ them. I must caveat that I use this definit...
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April 2018
In this article I would like to discuss one of the primary ways in which MartialBody training can be used by the combat sports Athlete or anyone who undertakes heavy daily training regimes, rehabilitation, and recovery.I have been a martial artist for most of my life, competing at a very young age in Judo & Karate Tournaments and in my 30’s competing around the UK and Europe in Brazillian JiuJitsu & Grappling. In this time, I have trained with, met, and competed against many combat...
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As with any training method, sometimes if it can be hard to understand how certain movements or skills apply to your individual situation, particularly how their fit into the system you train. This can become a very real problem if you are an athlete preparing for competition or are looking to achieve a specific goal within a set timeframe. The reality is that we have limited time to train so understanding why we are training what we train is very important.In some Martial Arts, trust for progre...
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March 2018
In this article we will explore an aspect of structure and rotation that I call 'Keeping the centre point'. This is an important concept that is required if we are to avoid opposing force directly, and as in the recent article on pairing (found here) it is also required for effective ‘rotation’. Here we will be exploring the importance of the centre point and how maintaining that point is vital when looking at directions and rotation.I call this idea ‘keeping the centre...
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February 2018
“Brute Strength”In the continuing series of articles on force and how we deal with it, this article will be looking at an important if ‘shunned’ aspect, dealing with ‘Brute Strength’.There are several Martial Arts that claim to have the ability to overcome superior strength and size with technical skill and unique body mechanics. These arts are often renowned for these claims, either by those who have felt the skillset of a real expert or by those who have tes...
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January 2018
Continuing the articles on handling forces in the martial arts, in this article I will talk about a method of changing forces that are applied to you. Specifically, a method of altering the effect that force can have on a structure. Here I will outline the first and most basic concept associated with the method I call ‘Pairing’.Pairing is the utilization of a series of opposite actions simultaneously to create complex movement and is one of the founding concepts in the SpiralBody seg...
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November 2017


The power of a technique, a method or a strategy is only apparent if it is brought to bear as planned. When we think about defending ourselves in a martial exchange the consideration of power and how we can minimize its effect is one of the first problems to solve. There are many ways we can avoid, re-distribute, transform or neutralise forces affecting us in the martial context. But one of the most useful, if often shunned, is the use of agility.Agility is the ability to move or think quickly, ...
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In this article we are going to look at the ways in which force being applied to us can be handled by our body without the requirement of movement. This subject is the first to look at, before we discuss movement, tactics, attacking, returning, etc. As soon as we touch someone, or they touch us our body is interacting with a new force. How we deal with that force is an expansive topic but here I will simply highlight some of the most common, and slightly less common methods that we use.Firstly, ...
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October 2017
In this series of articles, I will be delving into the mechanics of force in the martial arts and the various ways in which it can be addressed. In the martial context, we could say that it is how we deal with forces applied to us or those that we generate ourselves that defines every exchange.We will, over the coming weeks, be considering some of the myriad of ways in which forces can be reduced, transformed, neutralised, returned, balanced, and created. All the while maintaining the understand...
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