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March 2020
With a large number of Martial Arts Academies, Gyms and Dojos closing their doors to students in order to stall the movement of Covid-19 though the community it can be a depressing or confusing time for some. Especially those (like Myself) who spend huge amounts of time in the Gym or Dojo training who are now facing a enormous hole in their weekly schedule.Many people are spreading sound information on best practices for maintaining hygiene, social distancing etc. However, I think there is proba...
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In this article we will be exploring a phenomena that naturally arises when interacting with someone who has highly developed body skill. This is the feeling that your own efforts are returned to you, or that when trying to apply effort in a specific direction it makes another area tighter or closer. The experience is one that can be frustrating, disconcerting and exhausting to be on the receiving end of.Here we introduce a few of the reasons for this strange sensation to lay a brief groundwork ...
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February 2020
Name : Riantsoa Tsu RasolonjatovoDescribe a little of your martial background or related practices.Martial artist and practicioner for 20+ years, I started my martial journey with Yoseikan Budo, a Japanese « mixed » martial arts, when I was 15 years old. As I grew older, I felt that I was training more for competition than for efficiency. Therefore, I started looking for a more « traditional » martial art. By chance, I was lucky enough to find a 8th dan Aikido shihan in m...
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January 2020
‘We don’t do sport, sport is limited’ … ‘traditional arts are not realistic’ … ‘How would you use that flipping stuff in a street fight!?’ …. ‘Why would you want to fight on the ground’ …. “there are no rules in a street fight” … “ we train for self defence not to fight professionals”If you are a martial artist, the chances are that you have considered these positions, responded to th...
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November 2019
One thing that always struck me about some of the old body training methods was how simple they looked. Someone would just move their arms a certain way, take some simple steps or even just stand there with their arms in a static position. It all looked so very simple, so very normal. That was until you came to practice them, really practice them, and like the layers of an onion more and more complexity, challenge and difficulty would be revealed. This is part of the paradox of Body method train...
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October 2019
In this article I am going to explore one of my favorite joint and tissue rehabilitation techniques, one which can be used in addition to modern rehabilitation and physiotherapy techniques. This is a method that I have used for several serious joint and tissue injuries over the years and one which I always turn too first whenever an injury occurs.For many injuries, usually caused by hard sparring or competition, the time frame quoted for recovery has been cut in half as a result of this approach...
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September 2019
Movement is the bedrock of martial arts, whether looking at footwork, how we punch or kick, how we move another person or even how we stand still (paradoxically!). There are, of course, many ways that we train to move that are specific to our martial practice, in this article we will briefly look at the merit of deviation away from the standard or common patterns of a Martial Style of movement. Every martial art, under examination and through a specific lens is simply movement, movement in assoc...
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August 2019
An integral part of body method training, regardless of origin or source is the process of ‘embedding’. Even if we look at modern strength training methods, there is a period of training where embedding the correct technique occurs prior to the increase in load. But this idea is never truer than when looking at attribute training like that found in MartialBody. Without this idea at play in every training session, it would become easy to be disheartened or worse still, not actually de...
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July 2019
Welcome to the first video in the 'Context' Series. A series of videos where Coach Chris outlines how attributes developed in MartialBody training can aid us in a variety of martial Scenarios or situations. The aim of this series is not to teach technique, but to show how a trained body can benefit Martial Artists of all styles. In this video we examine the way that the trained body can help us to slow down the progress of a determined grappler trying to throw or take us down. These attr...
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June 2019
In this final article on the subject of ‘training’, we are going to look at some of the ways in which we avoid the difficulties inherent in Martial Arts training. Some may strike a cord with you, some might remind you of training partners current or past. It is important to point out that I have personally done many of these things, especially early in my martial arts training life. So this shouldn’t be read as preaching but as coaches guide from my experiences and observations...
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